• Seth

TAC Halls Episode One

We are very proud, and excited to announce the first episode of our new bi weekly podcast!

This is a brand new podcast presented by The Asatru Community Inc. This podcast will be Bi-weekly, and host a range of various heathen related topics, as well as some awesome interviews! Episode Specific Info: On this episode, Seth, Andrew, and Bret are excited to interview Hauk Hiemsdallman about his work in Asatru and music! After that, join them for a discussion on how they became heathen! Notes: Hail and welcome! This is our first podcast, please bare with us with technical difficulties as well as quality! New microphones have been acquired, as well as new editing skills! TAC Halls Episode 2 will be of much high quality, and not one to miss! But we hope you enjoy none the less, its a great episode!

Catch the first episode right here!

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