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Sorcerer's Screed Book Review

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Sorcerer’s Screed Review

“Would you increase your prosperity? Gain the love of a man or woman?” These are but some of the things written about spell uses in The Sorcerer’s Screed by “Skuggi” aka. Jochum Magnus Eggertssonand origionaly published in 1940, and republished in Iceland by Lesstofan in 2015, is one of those books that require a special readership. What do I mean by that? Well this is not a book for the average Joe, not by any means, and for two reasons:

  1. They will find it very boring

  2. Such knowledge (if one believes in it) should not be given out to just anyone.

To start off, this is not to say anything negative about this book. In fact, if you are someone who seeks esoteric knowledge, beyond that which is generally known today, and something truly traditional, especially that of Northern Europe, then this book is for you; it is absolutely fantastic. But now, let me explain my two reason why this book is not for everyone, before going into detail on why it is perfect for those special few.

But first, what are you actually getting when you purchase the Sorcerer’s Screed from ?

It ships from Iceland, does not take very long) you will be greated by this beautiful, albeit small red book. On the cover is one of the many magical staves found inside in white, then the title, and nothing more. It is simple, and elegant. On the back is a basic description of the book that reads:

“Would you like to increase your prosperity, secure love of the man or woman of your dreams, seek protection from evil forces or grumpy neighbors, catch a liar or raise the dead? If so, the Sorcerer’s Screed is just for you.

The spells in this book have been adherent to Scandinavian history and culture for centuries and Icelanders have been magic spells from the first settlement for everyday purposes as well as the more unorthodox.

The Sorcerer’s Screed is the world’s most comprehensive collection of Nordic Spells. Each spell comes with a diagram and specific instructions for their use and purpose”

Once you open the book, the insides of the front and back cover flaps are completely black, with another stave in white, the appearance is beautiful and striking, yet elegant and simple. The first few pages contain a note from the author (Skuggi) and the publisher, then you get to some photos of the originals that Skuggi produced (very cool!). Once you get past that, you will find yourself gazing at many a table and diagram of various magical letters, from Elder Futhark, to Saxon Runes, to some I have never seen or heard of!

After looking through the charts, and notes etc. you will find yourself in the heart of the book. Each page will contain a single Icelandic Galdr Stave, in a beautiful red ink, with the runic description below, and then the English translation of what that stave does, and how to do it etc. etc. This will continue to about the end of the book, where there you shall find more notes etc.

And there you have it folks, that is exactly what this book is, and it is fantastic at what it does. But if you are not interested at studying ancient staves and symbols, gathering odd materials and the such, or just are not interested in the more esoteric sides of our world, then this book will simply bore you to death, and collect dust on your shelves. But is that a bad thing? No, I do not think so.

Now at this point you may be thinking, why would I get this book? This does not sound like a good review, probably because as I have said a few times so far, this book is fantastic, but would bore the “Average Joe” to death, but this book is a prize, but then who is it meant for?

I have been a heathen going on almost a decade now, and throughout my studies, I have done quite a bit in the more esoteric aspects of things, this book, is a prized addition to my collection. This is not a reading book, you will not sit with it snuggled in bed by a fire reading a tale of adventure etc. This is a reference book, a text book almost, and the damned best one you will find on the subject of Norse, and Icelandic folk magic. Above all, this book is a window into the past, into the underline, often hidden, cultural beliefs of our ancestors of Europe, as preserved in the Icelandic form.

I have learned a great deal in the short time that I have had this book, and I plan on learning a great deal more from it over the years, this is not a book you pick up, and then are done with it.

For those of you who believe in these types of things, in the ability to manipulate the world around you by the use of symbols, and specific ritual practices, then this book will be worth years of study, and dedication from the studious heathen, or interested person.

In then end, I will give this book a 10/10 for what it is. I bought this book expecting a guide to the magical staves of Iceland, how to do them, and the history behind them, and that is exactly what I got. I love this book, highly recommend it, and implore anyone interested in the traditional magic of Iceland and the Norse to get this book, and get it now.

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