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Book Review: Asatru Book of Days

Hail and Welcome to my next book review! (Maybe this will become a thing?) Today, I will be reviewing Asatru Book of Days: Rune Edition, by Bryan Wilton. I hope you enjoy!

The back of the original version of the book reads (I have the Runic version, which is the same but with more information on the runes). “Asatru Book of Days is an effort to support and encourage people in their efforts to life a life of worth. Daily readings from the Eddas, and Sagas coupled with insightful interpretations, and a section for your own daily journal entry are based upon the Nine Noble Virtues and laid out to help anyone enjoy a life filled with gratitude and joy.” The Rune Version Reads: “With the resounding success of the first Asatru Book of Days I proudly present to you the second edition. I’ve added information about the runes to help you progress even further down the path of Asatru”. Between the two, just because of the included information, I would recommend the Rune Edition.

This book is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their daily practice a little something. Before continuing, let me explain what I do each morning, to give a little context.

Each morning, I will wake up, go to my Ve, greet the gods and the day as for their blessings and give my own, and now, read, and then make my entry in my Asatru Book of Days. This small, but significant addition to my Asatru practice, has indeed made a very positive difference. It’s nice to have something to go to, a quote to read that often times surprisingly fits the day.

The Asatru Book of Days, in all of its versions, by Bryan Wilton is simple, elegant and very effective at what it does, and it really does make ones day better, one's life better

I would give the Asatru Book of Days a 10/10 with one caveat to the author, an Illustrated version? I think it would be awesome if there were related, included pictures and or illustrations ;). There is not too much to say about this book, it clearly states what the purpose of the book is on the back, and it accomplishes that goal very well!

So in the end, should you get Asatru Book of Days? Well if you value my opinion at all, then yes! It would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

If you are a Asatruar, you should own this book.

So now where does one get this book? Well, you can check out Bryan’s authors page here: and check out Asatru Book of Days along with the rest of Bryan’s books!


Are you an author and have a book you would like me to review?

Are you a reader and have a book you want me to check out?

Send me an email to today and let me know!

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