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TAC Online Blots What Are They Actually? Dispelling the rumors once and for all.

How many of you know, what a TAC "Online Blot" is?

We are willing to bet that very few of you do. So I am going to take a moment to actually explain what we are doing since it's a habit for so many of us to judge a book by its cover, and jump to conclusions before understanding what we are talking about.

Let me set a few things straight first, no, we do not hold "virtual blots", we are not a bunch of people sitting around computers playing role playing games, and adding a dash of Heathenry in, in a sad attempt to supplement real life. We are "normal" like any one else. We go to real events, we host real events, we do activities and celebrations with our families and tribes. We spur the growth of new Kindreds, and new real life gatherings and events.

No, TAC does not support the replacement of real world Heathenry, in any way, especially with a virtual replacement. We host numerous real world events, all the time, not a charter member? You would not hear as much about them. We have numerous real world Ostara events coming up, and a flourishing ambassador program where we have heathens on the ground, in towns, holding meetings, and gatherings, getting together and spreading kith and kin all over the word.

So then, what are we doing once a month with our online blot you have heard so much faulty information about?

Well, we get together for about an hour in a private, Facebook event page.

Our chairman of the Board will "lead the blot", so what does he do? He posts readings and writings on the great things the gods have done and do, of why we should honor them, and the holidays, all the same things one would do on their own, or with their Kindreds in person. As an attendee, one can participate how they want, if they want to follow along at home, doing a solitary libation ,at their altar with candles, why is that any different than your ceremonies?

If someone wants to learn the outline of a blot from it, why are you going to stop them?

If someone wants to share the deeds of their ancestors to others, why should they not?

No one wants to replace "face to face" or "boots on the ground" or "real life" or whatever you want to call it. It was never the plan, no one at TAC thought it


If an online blot, gives someone peace of mind and a better connection to their spirituality, who are YOU to tell them they are wrong?

No one who goes to these "online blots" uses them as their only means of heathen practice. It is utterly shameful to think they do.

Personally, I like to do my blots, libations, and many other rituals with my friends and family, my tribe or kindred, in the woods, or mountains for each holiday as possible, but I respect, and understand and participate in the online blots. Am I less of a heathen?

We are proud to say, Bret Shoemaker will be continuing our Online Blots

It's time to end the division, strife, and chaos caused by small disagreements. It's time to put asides ones ego, and work, even for a small time, on the future of Asatru and Heathenry ,instead of snickering and bickering in small circles. It's time to unite.

Its time to build community. This is what TAC and our partners strive for. Its time.

Feel free to share this, to those who may have heard otherwise.

Thanks, Yours in Frith, Seth Chagi, President and Founder

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