Hello Folks,

I'd like to introduce and welcome all of you to a new group in our greater TAC family, "Heirs of the Bifrost".

"Heirs of the Bifrost" is the LGBTIQ+ group for the Asatru Commuity, Inc.

The purpose of this Facebook group is to provide a safe space for the members/non-members of TAC who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, pansexual and/or any other sexual orientation/gender expression that may be out there, including our straight allies. This Facebook group is here to provide a place for discussion, fellowship and freedom of expression for our LGBTIQ+ members/non-members in an Asatru/Heathen context. This group is a place free from the interference from those parties who hold a personal/cultural/former Christian bias against the LGBTIQ+ community and our LGBTIQ+ charter members & non-members.

We hope to be able to work towards helping LGBTIQ+ members create local meet ups in their own communities. We hope that non-members would like to become a part of a diverse community of Heathenry/Asatru/Vanatru/etc. We hope to build an understanding and hospitable environment for both the LGBTIQ members/non-members as well as our straight allies. We hope that this group will enhance the diversity that is already apparent in the Asatru Community, Inc.

Come join us! All are welcome under the Bifrost!

A great message from James!



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