• Seth

TAC and Locality

This year, TAC is taking a major initiative on local, down to earth Heathenry and Asatru.

We want to see Kindreds grow, new and old, we want to see new heathens learning the ways of our ancestors, without ridicule, and persecution.

We want those who feel alone, to be part of a community of like minded heathens.

We want to see heathens all over the Asatru spectrum come together to progress in their own spiritual development, sharing and spreading wisdom and knowledge.

We want to see communities grow, and we want to see the gods honored.

If these are some of the things you want for the future of Asatru, if you want to join, start, or grow a kindred, if you want to get involved and really make a difference, find your local ambassador today:!ambassador-list/cxd1

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