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Ah, that wonderful time of year again when Sunna, great goddess of the sun,

rides her great chariot to the highest she can manage. When the sun shines upon

the earth like at no other time.

Midsummer is officially on the summer solstice, which falls

upon June 21 in the northern hemisphere. Midsummer has

many meanings to many different people around the world,

both in ancient times, and in the modern era.

During this time, many people from all over the world would celebrate

the summer solstice, being the longest day of the year. This was a time

of merriment, celebration, trade, prosperity, and for Vikings, a time for raiding.

Midsummer also has darker side, being the longest day of the year, the following days and

weeks could only get shorting leading up to fall and winter. “Winter is Coming”, a popularizing from a Game of Thrones, is a very true statement. It always is coming. Our ancestors were always conscious of the approaching darkness of winter. While this is a time of celebration and merriment, it is also a time of silent contemplation, of planning for the dark to come. But for now, at least it is a time for happiness, a time for the gods and family! The great god of light Baldur was said to have been slain around this time, a grievous blow to the Aesir, but they recovered, and continued living their lives. A lesson to us, that regardless of the occurrence, we can learn from it, and move on.

This is a time to send our blessings and praise to Sunna, the sun

and receive her life giving gifts in return. We cannot survive

without her love and care. This is also a time to honor Dagr, the

god of the day. In this time as heathens we must thank the sun

goddesses and god of the day for the blessings they bestow upon

us. Without them and their glory we would not be alive today.

This is a time for a blot or feigning, one of the most important

of the year. This is a great time to recharge our “spiritual batteries” as I like to say.

We pray, and we are close to the gods, and we are out in nature and we are close to the gods. But after a time of not truly sacrificing, or really meditating, or nurturing our connection to the divine in some way, our relationship with the gods begins to whither. Not to say that it will die or disappear for those true to the old ways are always with them, but when we hold blots or ceremonies and rituals of any kind, we strengthen those bonds once again, recharge our spiritual batteries. A gift for a gift.

It is is Midsummer! Hail! A time of happiness and prosperity before the coming dark. We must hold blot and honor all of the gifts The Holy Powers bestow upon us, ask them to continue to give us such gifts, and give them our own. Gifts must always be given one to the other, as it has always been and as it must always be!

Hail the gods and goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir! Hail Sunna. Hail Baldur, Hail Dagr, Hail the Ancestors, hail the Vaettir, and all of the Holy Powers! Hail my readers! HAIL ASATRU!

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