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Big changes to the Ambassador Program!

Attention Members! New changes and things are happening in the Ambassador Program! In order to improve the Ambassador Program and make it more efficient and able to achieve its short and long term goals, I have decided to re-vamp the way we assign Ambassadors and how we will run the program overall. Seth and I agreed that separating the USA, where we currently have the most active ambassadors, by regions. I separated these by ordinary US time zones, then cut each time zone to either 2 or 3 regions (depending on how many states, and the geographical area). Additionally, in order to make my job easier, I will offer existing active ambassadors who have proven their dedication to the AP and TAC, the opportunity to be an Ambassador Regional Leader within each region. This will require a lesser amount of individual Ambassadors (ie. Per State), less amount of Facebook groups, and a stronger structure to the program. I am aiming at having 3-4 active Ambassadors plus 1 Ambassador Region Leader in each area. I have some regions already covered, and am considering which Ambassadors would be best suited for the Regional Leader position. In other regions that are either lacking Ambassadors completely, or have newer Ambassadors, I will actively seek to recruit new Ambassadors so that overtime, I will have more seasoned Ambassadors ready to become leaders. The current regions we are recruiting for are (list of States within each region + applicable active ambassadors is below): Northern States East Southern States East Northern Central South Central North Mountain South Mountain North Pacific To qualify for consideration to become a TAC Ambassador one must be a charter member of 90 or longer, with serious, positive intent to support the growth of TAC and their local heathen community. For more information about the role of the TAC ambassador, please refer to the Charter Member portion of the TAC website, in the AP Central area. Breakdown US States for new AP Ambassador distribution (list of Ambassadors does not include board members listed as Ambassadors): Northern States East: Active Ambassadors: James (New York), Barry (Maryland) Total = 2 Maine New Hampshire Vermont Rhode Island Connecticut New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland Washington DC Middle States East: Active Ambassadors: Noah (Ohio), Chelsea (West Virginia), Matt (Michigan) Total = 3 Ohio Michigan West Virginia Virginia Kentucky Southern States East: North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Northern Central: Wisconsin Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota Iowa Illinois Middle States Central: Active Ambassadors: Quriss (Kansas), Jeff (Missouri) Total = 3 Kansas Oklahoma Missouri Tennessee Arkansas South Central: Active Ambassadors: Aaron (Alabama) Total = 1 Texas Louisiana Alabama Mississippi North Mountain: Montana Idaho Wyoming South Mountain: Active Ambassadors: Kaiti (Colorado) Total = 1 Utah Colorado Arizona New Mexico North Pacific: Active Ambassador: Sea (Washington) Total = 2 Washington Oregon South Pacific: Active Ambassadors: Frank, Seth, Andrew, Bret (California) Total = 4 California Nevada Thank you for all your support! Michelle Koren Ambassador Program Director Join today! Become part of a community of like mind individuals, families, and kindreds, who only want to see Asatru, and Heathens grow and prosper happily in the modern world around us. Join a community where honor, dignity and integrity matter, where you are not belittled, but left to your own, and yet required to uphold a strong ethical and moral code to yourself, and those around you. Join a community where learning, and the connections between us is first and foremost. Where community, for the sake of community is valued. Become part of something bigger, become part of the community. Join The Asatru Community today, always free, always growing and learning, learn more about Charter a membership today:!join/clul

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