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TAC Military Outreach

We at TAC are very excited and proud to announce the next step in our Military Outreach program! As part of the next phase, there are three main things that we are now doing, in addition to everything we were doing previously.

1. We now have a new section on the website dedicated to Military Outreach, found here:!militaryveteran-outreach-/c20wp

2. We opened up a new group on Facebook for Active Duty, Veterans, and anyone involved with the Military, or someone involved with the Military! Find that group here:

3. We are now able to, in limited capacity and number, send out care packages to those over sees! Including Mjolnir, Heathen Dog Togs, copies of the Pocket Havamal, general supplies, and more! Head over to the Outreach section of the site, linked above, to learn more!

We are very excited for these programs that we are working hard on, and for the opportunities that we have to help those who have served, or are serving so bravely.

If you want to help, or have ideas/ suggestions, please feel free to email us at with your comments!


Hail those who Serve

Hail the Holy Powers

Hail TAC!

Hail the Reader!


Seth Chagi

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