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Update Only for North America. Please Contact:

We have been contacted by a Casting Director for Bodega Pictures, looking for participants in a new documentary they are working on. This is big people!

"To who it may concern at the Asatru Community: My name is Paul Head. I am a Casting and Development Director with Bodega Pictures. We are a Los Angeles based television production company. Our combined credits include developing and casting for networks such as: National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel and many others. To learn more about Bodega and our work, please feel free to visit our website at: I was referred to reach out to you all regarding a project that I am working on: I am looking to cast and produce a documentary television series focusing on a family or group of people who embody and live-out the traditions, customs, spirit, culture, values, crafts and heritage of the past Nordic people. The goal of our series is to explore and examine, in an authentic way, the skills, crafts, customs, and traditions of the Vikings and other various Scandinavian peoples as practiced by people living today. The aim of our series is to create an engaging and informative program that inspires and sparks interest for our audience in the ancient Nordic people and their customs. By following one unique and exemplary family (or group) we hope to educate the viewer on the cultural customs, crafts and skilled trades that are practiced by our on-screen talent.

I am ideally looking for a family/group, who: Strives to carry-on the customs, practices and heritage of the ancient Vikings and passes on those traditions to their children and to others around them Practices Nordic customs and crafts such as metal casting, blacksmithing, weapon making, leather working, bone working, pottery, weaving, etc. May be of descendants or ancestors of Vikings or Nordic people Naturally, there are many incentives involved in taking part in a television series including compensation, exposure, and the chance to share one families’ passion with the world. Additionally, we realize that there are many considerations involved in taking part in a television series--all of which can be discussed and agreed to prior to any commitment. We are in the casting stage of our project and are looking to contact as many interested people as possible. I was hoping that your group might be interested, or perhaps you would be willing to forward along this message to any members and their families that might be interested in taking part?

Anyone interested in submitting can email: ______, please include the following: Name/Age of people in the family, best contact phone number and email address, brief bio about the family or individual as to how they emody the traditions, customs, spirit and values of ancient Nordic peoples--as well as to include any information about crafts, hobbies, or work related to the customs, traditions, etc. Also, please include recent photos."

This is huge people!

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