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We are TAC

TAC is about the forwarding of Asatru, and our members, and we would love to aid any who share this goal.

We do not have any quarrels with other organizations or groups, many have them with us, including some notable names, but do we care? No.

We care about continuing on towards our mission statement and goal, and by the absolute influx of donations and members, we can say we feel we are doing the right things, and in the right ways.

Unlike other groups and organizations, we will not participate in inter organizational quarrels, that is below what we are doing at TAC. We will not insult, or ridicule others, behind their backs or otherwise, we have our way, and they have theirs.

We will not call other groups, individuals or organizations out, regardless about what they say or do to us, the "internet Heathen" thing is getting old. It is below us. Its time we worked together for a brighter future in Asatru, and not squabbling about this practice or that, we make no claims to be right in our practices, how could we, TAC itself has no beliefs, save that all are entitled to their own. You practice Asatru and Heathery how you practice Asatru and Heathenry.

This is why, as far as we have been informed, we are the largest Official Asatru organization in North America, with over 1400 members, and more every week, and we are proud to say each of those members obtained all the benefits of membership for free, as it will always remain as such.

Donations are always welcome, and are much appreciated.

As this is written, we have more applications within a weeks time, than ever in our history, and with a day left even we are sitting as of this moment at 47 applications. Hail the growth! Hail the community!

TAC is about moving forward, about Asatru, Heathenry, and Community; about brining it all together to create a cohesive lifestyle that one can be proud of. Its about getting real things done, in the real world. We are not "just a Facebook page" we are not an online community, but a growing family of real Heathens, from all over the world, getting together, hosting events, and creating community.

That is what we have done.

That is what we will continue to do, and on a larger, and larger scale.

We are a community.

We are TAC.


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