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Concerning recent events


After what has happened the last few days concerning other Asatru organizations, we would like to make our stance very clear. If you want to join TAC, yes we will judge you. We will judge to see if you are fit for our community. But best be assured that it's not based on race, sexuality, heritage, skin color, or any other physical feature, who you are married to, where you live, which bathroom you use, or any such nonsense. We judge based on deeds, and reputation, on honor, and word of mouth. We will see if you hold yourself of high enough esteem to join our ranks. We welcome all who will respect our by laws and codes of conduct. We do not discriminate. No, we don't just take anyone, we take good, kind and accepting people. People who want to learn, and grow on their path. People who want to help others, no matter who they are. People who are good representations of our gods. We are a community. We do not charge you to join, ever, and we do not ask your ethnicity. You're welcome here. We are TAC. Learn more:

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