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My Question to folkish Heathens

Folkism has been a huge topic lately, many being Folkist, others strongly disagreeing with those who are, and many not understanding exactly what it means, and it seems that is because just exactly what being folkish is, regardless of what others say, varies from person to person. So I am curious, what are your views on Folkist Heathens? Does it work? Why, or why not? As a Biological Anthropologist, as I have said many times my views on Asatru, and the Human Race differ from many other Heathens, so I am specifically curious as to how Folkish heathens view those of mixed heritage? If you're supposed to go to your ancestors, and your history first, how do you choose which one? The one with the largest percentage of your DNA? (Which most Folkish Heathens in my personal experience stay away from DNA tests) or the one your skin color best reflects? How does this work?

To me, while I can understand aspects of the folkish side, it all falls apart when you are talking about someone with a mixed ancestry. You could have a completely "Hitler Approved" "Aryan", appearance on the outside, while they are actually 80% Nigerian. It can happen, and it has happened. To me, the folkish argument disintegrates when one brings in someone of "mixed blood", and I am genuinely curious to have this explained to me. This is why TAC is a "Tribal" organization, we admit members into community based upon that individuals merit, and whether or not they would be a good fit for our community, So I am curious as to your views, and responses.




Oh, and another thing, if we are supposed to believe in our mythology, and take lessons from it, did the gods not create the worlds, and man? Are folkish heathens claiming POC are non human? Or are they acknowledging and accepting the fact that our gods are not the only ones, and do not have any more power over our world, than any other cultures deity, for example, including Jesus. Or something else entirely? Thoughts?

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