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Annual Charter Member Check-In

Hail TAC Charter Members!

As part of keeping our community healthy and growing strong, the TAC Board of Directors will be instituting a new protocol. An annual member check in.

While TAC is to remain free, all Charter Members who wish to maintain and keep their Charter Member status must, in the time allotted, renew their membership status on a yearly basis. You do not need to reapply, or do anything other than go to and fill out the simple form and your membership status with TAC will remain "Active".

Those who wish to be removed from TAC can do so by following the same process.

Those whom we do not hear back from within the allotted time will be moved to a separate, "Inactive" registry where they will remain for an undisclosed time before being completely removed from TAC.

It is our hope that this new process will keep TAC a cleaner, more tightly knit Heathen community. So if you wish to remain a Charter Member of The Asatru Community and have not had your Charter Membership revoked, then please fill out this form before October 31, 2016.

Thank you,

The Asatru Community Inc. Board and Directors

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