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Veneration of the Ancestors

There is a common question that we receive quite often when it comes to ancestor veneration, that being "What if I have ancestors who were less than savory?" etc. etc. Firstly, it is important to remember that of course not all your ancestors are going to be good people, to think otherwise is being ignorant, but you do not have to honor all your ancestors. Secondly, it is important to realize, when we are discussing ancestor veneration, we are not talking about just the last few generations, yes you will know more about them of course, even met some, but when we are talking about ancestors, we mean the millennia of countless generations back to the beginning. As an Anthropologist, it is difficult for me to not want to get into how far back that actually is (and why ideas on cultural exclusivity do not work, but that is a separate topic). For thousands of years, our species, our people, our ancestors traversed through Europe, surviving challenges that we in this day and age cannot even fathom. They survived, and were successful enough to reproduce, and take care of their off spring enough for them to pass their genetics on. For millennia, we as a species can trace our ancestors back, and to common sources. It is these ancestors that we honor, the collective being of the line of our families, and past. The countless generations that have gone before, have lived, and experienced this world. Of course honor your recent ancestors, perhaps even those who are less savory, for always remember, without them, we would not be here today, and for that thanks is deserved, even if for nothing else, for the gift of life is a precious one. Hail the Old Ways. Hail the Ones who have come before. Hail the Ancestors.

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