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**Important Announcement!**

Hail all TAC Members, both Charter and otherwise, as well as the world at large! We have some big, and exciting news!

There have been some changes within the TAC Board of Directors, and we are very excited about these changes, we feel that they will allow us to move farther forward as an organization, and provide better services and information to our membership at large.

The day to day functions of TAC are not changing, nor many of the aspects you deal with, however, we did make some big changes.

The new Tribunal of The Asatru Community:

President: Seth Chagi

Vice President: Michelle Koren

Chairman of the Board: Bret Shoemaker

The new Board of Directors is as follows:

Treasurer: Andrew Price

Director of the Ambassador Program: James Moore-Hodur

Editor in Chief: Kaitlyn Hanson

Director of Social Media: Castilleja Longwalker

We are very excited to be bringing on James as a new member of the Board of Directors, as Director of the Ambassador program taking over for Michelle, who will now be serving as Vice President, with Mr. Andrew Price moving from VP to Treasurer in order to fill the vacant spot, as our treasurer, on good terms, deiced their time with TAC came to an end.

We have very high hopes for the Board and their new positions, and we know they will come through to best serve this community, our members, and Asatru.

In order to get into contact with us, please refer to the “how to contact us” guide below.

Hail and thank you all!

To the future!

Hail the Community

Hail TAC

Seth Chagi


How to Contact us:

Since TAC is so large, with various departments, dozens of volunteers, and thousands of members, it is important that everyone know who to contact when a specific situation arises, and how. So today, we would like to clear that up for everyone;

If you have general questions about TAC, or Asatru, sending a direct message to our page is your best option, not commenting, not posting to the wall, but a direct message to our admins, and you will get a response in minutes!

If you have a question about something local, I.E kindreds, or events, or ANYTHING else locally, and not dealing with TAC itself, our Ambassadors should be your first contact. You can find them on our website under "Ambassador Central"

If it is something more specific, please refer to the following, and please understand that we do not use Facebook messenger typically for business purposes, as there are just so many of you it would be hard to manage!

Please do not message me no Facebook, I WLL NOT RESPOND.

Regarding Anything Financial: Andrew Price, Secretary Treasurer:

* Donation Information

* Tax information

* IRS Information *

Regarding Charter Members, or TAC in General: Seth Chagi or Michelle Koren : President: Vice President:

* Charter Member Check

* Details about Charter Members

* Problems with Charter Members

* Anything pertaining to TAC in general

Ambassador Program: James Moore-Hodur: AP Director:

* Questions regarding events

* Questions regarding funding

* Questions regarding ambassadors, or regions

* Issues with Ambassadors, events, or other occurrences.

Questions regarding how you are doing, or what you need to do as an Ambassador. *

Concerning the Website: Andrew Price: Secretary:

* Any issues with the website

* Charter Member website access

* Typos on the website etc.

* Andrew should also be contacted for anything regarding shirt promotions.

Relating to the Magazine: Kaity Hanson: Editor in Chief:

* Anything concerning the magazine:

* Typos

* Errors

* Questions

Social Media: Castilleja Longwalker: Social Media Manager:

* Issues with individuals on social media

* Issues with posts on social media

* Questions about social media

Any questions regarding our Godi training program, or the Board: Bret Shoemaker- Board

We hope that this clears some things up, and allows you all to get your questions answered, and by the right people!

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