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New Contest!

TAC Halls Intro Song Contest

***Important Announcement***

We have some very exciting news! As you may have heard, the TAC Tribunal, consisting of the President, Seth Chagi, VP, Michelle Koren, and Chairman of the Board Bret Shoemaker, have decided to really start and try to give focus to “TAC Halls” the official TAC podcast, which many of you may have listened to!

As part of this relaunch of the podcast, many things are changing. We are moving from Soundcloud onto Podbean, Itunes, and Youtube, we hope this will make it much easier for listeners to access our show, as well as allow us to reach a larger audience, and more members. You can subscribe here:

Something came to our attention as we prepared for the relaunch, and that is we need a new song for the introduction! Now, instead of just picking one which we may not have the rites to, we on the tribunal have decided to host another contest! This time, for the introduction song of TAC Halls!

Here is what we need:

  1. An original composition, befitting TAC Halls, the Official TAC Podcast.

  2. The understanding that perhaps only 30 seconds of the entire song may be used.

  3. Once submitted, TAC owns all rites to the work, and we can use it as we see fit.

Thats about it! There is not much to it, oh, the prizes you say?

Well, the winner will of course be chosen to be featured, as the intro to our podcast, as well as a shoutout in said introduction.

All contestants who submit an original work, will receive a TAC bumper sticker in the mail. (If you already have, and do not wish to receive another, please let us know in advance).

We look forward to hearing all of your submissions, and to the relaunch of TAC Halls!

Please email all submission to “"

Hail and thank you!

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