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Concerning Recent Events

There are some nasty rumors going around from some nasty people, but what else is new.

There will always be those, who out of spite, hate and jealousy, seek to destroy that which they can no longer be apart of.

The By-Laws, Ethics and Codes of Conduct of this organization are not a permeable wall that certain individuals who feel entitled can pass through, doing what they wish. No. The By-Laws, as far as this community is concerned are law.

If you choose not to follow them, then you choose not be in this community. It's pretty cut and dry. Break the By-Laws, and the Board will vote on your removal.

All members, charter or otherwise are required to read the By-Laws, and understand this.

The protection, safety, and privacy of our membership has always been paramount, and always will be. No administrator, or board member or any volunteer within TAC will stand in the way of that. What is best for our members is always paramount.

That is why we have enacted new policies to protect the rights of our members. If our administration or volunteers won't adhere to these new policies, for the safety and protection of our members, we must remove said individual from their position. This is made clear, and is pretty black and white. We don't force anyone to do anything. But if you want to be apart of this organization, then you must follow its laws.

We will not change or alter our rules or privacy policies in order to "not hurt someone's feelings," or to preserve anyone's position; be they an admin, ambassador, or board member. If you cannot play by the rules that this community has established, then you loose the right to be apart of the community. No one is entitled to membership. Everyone must follow the rules set by the entirety of The Board.

If you can't be a good member of this community, you won't be a member for long.

The Asatru Community is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. As such, there are many State, as well as Federal rules and regulations we must follow. We follow these to the best of our ability, and have not run into any problems yet.

The internet is a dark, horrible place, filled with strange things and people. Don't believe all you read. TAC is a 100% transparent organization, whose records and files, as with any other legitimate organization can be requested through the proper channels at any time. Many forms and information, such as our 990 form, can be found already on our website, for public viewing.

If you want to learn about TAC, our policies, and what we really do, please visit our website: We have a large staff almost always available to help members, and non members alike with anything we can.

Thank you.

Seth Chagi.


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