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Attention TAC Charter Members!

Hello Charter Members You may recall that TAC had asked our charter membership to fill out an "annual renewal form" to maintain your membership to TAC. We had posted a number of notices in our "charter members" Facebook group pages. The annual membership forms have closed and we are done tallying up who wishes to stay active or who wish to discontinue their membership. We will soon be **removing inactive members** from our charter members group page AND our regional group pages (which are an exclusive feature to our charter membership). **If you are NEW member with TAC as of October 2016 and have signed up as a charter member during that time, you do NOT have to worry! You're good to go!!++ **If you do NOT wish to be removed please email Seth Chagi as soon as possible!!!** ***if you HAVE renewed & your Facebook name is different than the name you registered with, now is the time to tell us!! If you don't let us know, when we get to your name on FB, and it's not on the membership list, we -will- be removing you from the group. PLEASE let us know ASAP either by commenting here or sending an email to Seth.*** His email is: The removal of inactive members will be coming soon. So PLEASE if you wish to stay on with us and you forgot to fill out a form or what have you , EMAIL SETH!!! Let us know!!! Sooner the better! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! Bright Blessings!

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