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A message regarding Bigotry and Hate.

To anyone who believes that racism, bigotry and hatred based on ones' origins is dead, and or not a problem within modern day #Heathenry, then I've go news for you :

This is the type of intolerance, misguided, wanton hate, and disgusting clear representation of Nazism represented in this article, and others like it, that we at TAC, the very organization described in this article, fights against each day.

We cannot tolerate such intolerance in our modern world. While that in itself might seem hypocritical, any belief that perpetuates or encourages the harm of others, or the limitations of someones freedom, is not, in my opinion, an opinion or belief to be valued, and is thus immune from such intolerance. Zero tolerance for the intolerant.

Racism, bigotry, hatred, and envy are disgusting forces that drive many individuals and organizations in this world, it is up to those who value morality, and a high ethical standard, to come together, against such harmful ideologies, for the good of the whole, and ourselves. It is up to us to live lives that would make the gods, our ancestors, and our families proud, those that are here, and that will come for generations to come.

Stand for what is right. Stand with the majority of Heathens around the world.

There is no place in Heathenry for such things. We have more important work to do. Stand. Stand strong. Stand proud. Stand together.

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