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Official TAC Statement on DAPL and Standing Rock

As Heathens, and followers of on the path of Asatru, we have a deep respect for both nature, the soil under our feet, for indigenous peoples and belief systems. As a minority fringe community, we understand what it is like, although not to any similar degree, to be persecuted for your beliefs, and to feel like you do not have a voice. We understand the want, and the need to be heard. We support everyone’s constitutional right to free speech, and to hold peaceful assemblies and gatherings.

Many of us here at TAC have very passionate opinions and beliefs cornering the events going on at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, concerning the protests with the Dakota Access Pipeline. While we may have these feelings, TAC as an organization cannot, will not, and does not take any stance, or position on the events going on, as per our legal standing, it is not allowed. As a non-profit, we cannot partake in politics of any kind, we would lose our non-profit status for interfering one way or another. All members, and administrators of TAC are more than welcome to have, and express their opinions, however TAC is not the platform, or place to do so.

We hope there is a peaceful resolution and that all involved can have a chance to have their sides, and opinions heard, and more importantly, respected. This will be the only, and last post from TAC concerning DAPL, and the protests. This will also be the last post in general, on this topic in any of our groups etc. No posts concerning this topic will be allowed through.

Thank you

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