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Special Announcement!

We are very excited to announce that the owner of Odin’s Beard Wood Working, Matthew Petrey, will be joining the TAC Board of Directors to serve as our new Director of the Ambassador Program! Matt will be taking the place of Mr. James Hodur who had to resign do to personal health issues. James is remaining as a member, having this to say, “Due to serious mental health reasons, I have decided to change my level of involvement with The Asatru Community, Inc. (TAC). I am simply a charter member and a partner through my blog, Rune Lore for All with them. I love TAC. I still believe TAC is a home away from home. I still believe in its mission to build community! I still believe TAC helps to bring heathens together no matter where you are in the world and no matter where you are along life's path. I wish you all good journey! Stay Rune'd! Love you all!!” we wish James the absolute best, and are here for him in any way that we can be! We are very excited to have Matt join us on the Board of Directors, and are sure he is going to be bringing some great ideas and energy to the Ambassador Program! You can find his contact information below! Matthew Petrey :MatthewP@Theasatrucommunity, he is just getting set up, so give him some time, but he will be your guy for everything concerning the AP!

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