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Changes in the Ambassador Program!

United States Ambassador Regional Restructure and Simplification Announcement

Hail Charter Members!

We have some exciting announcements concerning the new year, especially when it comes to the Ambassador Program, within the U.S!

As many of you know, we currently have ten regions within the U.S, with as many ambassadors as we can manage in that region, some without an ambassador, some with barely any members. (view here:

The Board feels that this is not how the AP is supposed to run, and we feel that there are many ways we can improve the program.

Then there are those who have too many members, and not enough ambassadors. The purpose of the AP is to provide, create, and support local, down to earth Heathenry, to create events, and gatherings, to help form kindreds and groups, to have a direct line and connection to the larger community of TAC. To foster, and create community. That is the goal of the TAC Ambassador Program.

With the new year, our Ambassador Program will be changing in several ways, in a hope to bring our communities closer together, and to provide our Ambassadors better resources, management, and ability to serve our members in the ways that they need. If these changes prove successful, we will spread the plan to our non U.S Ambassadors.

The changes that will be coming in the new year as follows:

-We will be eliminating the following regions, combining them with more successful areas:

1. Middle States East

2. Middle States Central

3. North Mountain

This will leave us with 7, larger regions.

Virginia and West Virginia will join Southern States East

Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana will join North Central

Middle States Central, and South Central, will be combined into one, larger and expanded South Central.

South Mountain, and North Mountain will be combined to form TAC Rocky Mountain Region

We would have the following regions: Northern States East, Southern States East, North Central, South Central, Mountain, North Pacific, and South Pacific.

Along with this, each region will be led be a Regional Leader, one of the ambassadors chosen by the director to lead the region in the new direction, to handle most of the admin work, keeping lists updated, welcoming new members, keeping track of events etc, and to delegate this work to other ambassadors.

This should provide a much more streamlined experience for all involved than the current model.

The new reginal map would look something like this:

So, if you are a member in one of the regions that is being dismantled to be combined with another, expect some awesome changes, and much better coverage from Ambassadors!

In a region not changing? Don’t feel left out! The changes to the structure of the Ap should bring you some great benefits as well!

So what do you guys think? These changes will be coming with the new year, and we will start making website alterations, Facebook regional group changes etc. in the coming weeks!

Hail and thank you everyone!

Learn more about the AP here:

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