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Hail and Happy New Year!

Its been a great year, and 2017 will be even better!

Hail and a happy and prosperous new year to all our members, and to the world at large! Here is to a great new year, with many new goals, and hopes, victories and challenges! Here is to the new year! Let make it great! What a year it has been! 2016 was a huge year for us here at TAC, there were so many things going on, both good and bad, but all hopefully for the better. So much happened that it’s hard to even remember it all! So, let’s go over some of the larger and more substantial changes that happened to TAC over the last year, and some of the exciting new things that we have in store for 2017! We started 2016 out much as the previous years had started, but it was clear that 2016 was going to be different, and a big year for us. In January, we had about 1000 members, rising to near 2000 by September, then THE PURGE the horror of the Charter Member renewal that you all experienced, removing any non-active charter members. At the end of 2016, we have near 1400 active members. And this is a number that I am proud of, each one of these people, is an active member in our community, or in their local community, sometimes both, and this will play a large role for our plans in 2017. We started the military care package, and Pocket Havamal distribution projects, sending care packages and Pocket Havamals to servicemen and women, past and present all over the world! It has been a huge success, with us raising and spending nearly $2,000 when it is all said and done by the end of 2016, just on this project. We expanded, and reformed the ambassador program, to hopefully create tighter knit, and more local communities, which will also plan an important role for our 2017 plans. Numerous local events were held by our Ambassadors, all over the world! For the first time in 2016, TAC was truly represented down at the local level, at festivals, gatherings and events, all over the world by our wonderful and dedicated ambassadors. With the overall of the AP, and the introduction of Regional Leaders, we have some high hopes for what they will be bringing to the local level in 2017. We saw the introduction of numerous new partners, blogs, podcasts, and so much more. We brought on so many new members, (It doesn’t reflect it after the purge, but we would have been near 3k members had we left the inactive) and create new kindreds, groups, and communities. All our current programs, saw revitalization and growth, it was an amazing year. 2016 was not all great for us however, with various rogue factions, other organizations, and wondrous internet troll, trying their best as usual to destroy the good work of other people, happily, we can say that as usual, they utterly failed. We are as strong as ever, and only growing stronger. Those who can’t achieve, try to destroy the work of their better man, and we will continue the fight against them, to protect and preserve the integrity of our members and this organization. The Heathen community, led by Huginn’s Heathen’s Hof, created an alliance, behind the principles of Havamal 217, to create Declaration 127, declaring that we, and any other signers will no longer have anything to do with the AFA, thanks to their beliefs and practices. They are free to do as they wish; they are free to do it alone. We are proud signers of Declaration 127. 2016 was a big year for us, and I barely touched on the half of it, but 2017 is going to be even bigger. Let me share with you just some of my favorite plans and goals for 2017, not all of course, as we want somethings to be surprises, but you can expect to see the following over the course of the next year. 1. We will have three ambassadors per region, not including the leader, providing a strong base for our community within the United States. 2. After we have a strong foundation and understanding of how things work here, we will use this model to now expand drastically out of the U.S and look to our European members, partners and ambassadors. 3. One Semi-Large Regional Event per Region 4. We want to have many more exciting contests this year. 5. The Return of TAC Halls, the official TAC Podcast, along with additional podcasts, vlogs, videos and other media content. 6. The Finished and completed Gothi Training and Ordination Program 7. More local, small gatherings and events. 8. Continued growth and expansion This is only but a taste of the ideas, and plans that myself, The Board, and the entire TAC team will be working hard towards achieving these goals, and to create the community and organization we know, and want TAC to be. We could not do it without you, so hail and thank you to each of you, we look forward to a new, and prosperous year, with some great things to come. We are counting on you, our members to help us along this path, to become ambassadors, and to host events, to donate, or spread the word. To do whatever you can, to contribute to the community. TAC is free, and we are going to keep it that way. We are run by volunteers, and we can always use the support of the community. We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get to it. Its going to be a great year. It’s the year of TAC. Thank you Seth Chagi

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