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An important announcement!

Are you searching for a Heathen or Asatru priest near you to perform a wedding? A funeral even? Unable to find anyone, or those you do; you are skeptical of? "Do they really know what they are doing". You know the feeling, it something that many of us have faced. It is a large problem, and can make many of us feel alone, and isolated.

Well, we here at TAC aim to fix this with a new program that is now in development, full speed ahead!

The TAC Clergy Training Program (Tentative Name, and separate from the "Gothi Training Program," mentioned earlier; which is no longer associated), is a program dedicated to the successful training, education, and ordination of applicants. Those who decide to take this program, will start on a path, that if followed closely, will result in their officially recognized (in most states, and within the U.S) ordination. This means, that those who graduate our program, and gain ordination will be able to perform weddings, funerals, other public functions etc. and serve as a religious leader for their community.

*Please note that Ordination laws vary from country to country.*

The goal of the TAC Clergy Program is to provide the greater Heathen community with Gothis and Gydjas, priests, and clergypersons, who are ordained under a name you can trust. Our goal, is to end the issue of a massive lack of official Asatru clergyman who can perform official public duties etc. We aim to fix this, with well educated, and dedicated people.

This program is not for those who are not dedicated. This will be a program that requires time, and your devotion. And it will not be free. All funds raised of course go back into the community, and to improving this program, to make it what we all want, and know it can be. Becoming a student of this program, should not be undertaken lightly. Starting the program, and paying all fees and fines does not guarantee graduation, or ordination. But it does guarantee you the chance, and access to all the resources, and education this program will provide within its strict outline.

There are many requirements before one can even apply, and then strict requirements to gain ordination after graduation form the educational side of the program. This is not a game, this is real people. We want to create a class of well educated, well known, and trusted clergy class within the community.

Some of the requirements for applying, graduating, and gaining ordination are as follows:

The following requirements are designed to ensure that those who wish to become TAC Gothis, are held to a certain level, and represent the true values of TAC, and serve the Heathen Community in positive, and constructive ways.

1. The individual must consider that they have been a Heathen for at least five years. a. This is not a program for new comers to Asatru, but leaders, and priests of our community.

2. They must pass, and present a background check. a. This is not difficult, and may cost around $10.

3. They must have at least a high school diploma, and a basic academic understanding.

4. They must be known by the community. a. It cannot just be some Joe Schmoe, that no one has heard of, and is off in Antarctica, etc. b. This one will be situation of course, and to the discretion of the Director.

5. They must be able to travel, and be independent. a. Again, these are leaders of the community, they will have real world tasks and duties. It cannot be, however unfortunate it is, someone who has no home, no vehicle, or means of transportation, etc. b. They must be a functioning adult in modern society.

6. They must pay their registration fees before starting.

7. They must be a Charter Member for a designated period of time.

Assuming that all these requirements are met, as well as any set by the director, and the application is accepted, then the applicant may begin the program.

Once they have finished the program, and are recommended by the director, (thus meeting any extra requirements in the program itself) they may now apply for ordination, if they meet the follow requirements.

1. Over the course of the program they must have performed at least 5 live blots, with 3 filmed, and presented at the time of application to be viewed, and considered.

2. They must have logged at least 50 volunteer hours, community service etc. a. Working with TAC, as an official volunteer does count.

3. They must have graduated the program.

4. They must also be recommended by the Director for the position of Gothi, not just someone who completed it etc. a. We want good people.

5. Any further requirements that the board, or panel requires in order for the graduate to apply for ordination.

We are going to create something big here people, will you join us on this new adventure? Be sure to say up to date with the program! We will come out with monthly updates on our progress, this is not something that is going to be done tomorrow, or next week. We are going to do it right, and we are going to get it out to you when we are confident in our program. Of course it will require work, and tweaking afterwards, but we will depend on all of you for that.

We are going to create educated, well known, and trusted priests within our community, to truly serve the community in its spiritual needs, as we should be doing, and this is just the start. Hail!

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