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Our statement on recent events.

This Wednesday afternoon we had the great misfortune of losing a few of our members and Ambassadors for an unworthy reason. After spending hours interviewing those involved and allegedly involved, that would speak with us, it is our belief that this situation was some sort of manipulation by unknown individual(s). It seems that their intent was to pit our organization and Odin's Children, an Asatru group, against one another. During our investigations we attempted to establish an open dialog with Odin's Children, in hopes of shedding light on just what had occurred. Sadly, our attempt to work together to get to the bottom of this has been met with an unwillingness to cooperate. It seems that they have fallen prey to the designs of these trolls. It is because of this, that we do not endorse or recommend Odin's Children.

Unfortunately things are still unclear as to what actually went on. However what is clear, is that this attempt fell far short of the mark. We would like to take this moment to remind all of our members to do your own research, never take someone's claims as fact until you know every angle you can.

On that note, we would like to say that while this bit of commotion has caused some disturbance, it was nothing more than that. We will continue moving forward, onto bigger and bright things.

Hail and thank you.

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