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Hail TAC!

Due to yesterdays events ( We have been doing a lot of thinking on how to proceed, and what we would like to do next. The safety, and happiness of our members, is, and always has been our greatest priority. It is with a heavy heart, that I must say I think we failed on that end. And I would like to offer you all my deepest apologies. Yesterdays events, showed us that we cannot trust those whom we thought we could, that after all; the internet is the internet, and unless you really know these. people, you can never know, these people. It has become ever more clear as the day and night progressed, that many of the people we thought we could trust, simply were not worthy of it. As many of you know, TAC has always been plagued by those on the internet that we like to refer to as "trolls". These people have nothing better to do than to try to dismantle, and destroy that which they cannot create themselves. For those Tolkien Fans, they are the Morgoth to our Valar. They cannot create, so out of jealousy they corrupt and destroy. For a long time, there were hints of "moles" and those within our community who were only here to harm us and our members. For along time we have been searching for those individuals. On a bitter note, I would like to say I think with this latest occurrence; we may have finally found out what was really going on, and many of those people who were a possible danger to TAC are now gone, after what seem slicker coordinated attack, they all instantly after we got on their trail; decided to leave TAC utterly, and start bad mouthing us abruptly. This was a mistake on our part, trusting those whom we had not utterly verified, to preserve the integrity of our organization; but no more. From this point forward, all future (and possibly current) TAC volunteers will now have to pass, and submit a background check in order to work as a volunteer for us here at TAC. It is a small measure, and should not require to much from the individuals, but will ensure that we are dealing with real; respectable people. Not fellons, trolls, and are profiles. The operations of TAC have never been affected by those who wish to harm us, and perhaps now we see why; as our members integrity was more the target. We will not stand for this. We are a community; we stand stronger together, and we wills and tall. Hail!

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