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Ostara Art Contest!

We at TAC are excited to announce our next art contest! The theme is Ostara and all submissions are due March 20th, the day before the equinox! All contestants will receive a TAC bumper sticker just for submitting work, while the winner will be featured in our magazine, along with a TAC sweatshirt (during our next shirt campaign!), and a Rune Set made by Odin's Beard Woodworking! Second place will get a TAC Shirt! The rules are as follows: 1. While "art" can mean a lot, this particular contest includes anything on paper done digitally, meaning: paintings, drawings, etc! Colored eggs will also be accepted! 2. The Work must be original. 3. The work must go by the theme; Ostara. Please send all submissions to the Board of Directors at, Please make sure to include both your name and address with the submission. Hail and good luck!

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