• Seth,

Quick Update

Hey everyone! Seth here!

We made the following pst on our Facebook page:

Quick statement on recent accusations and rumors from the page Fuck Heaven and Hell I'm Going to Valhalla, and its creator Jean. We had a basic social media relationship with. jean and his page, meaning we shared some of their posts here and there, but nothing more. Numerous times Jean claimed that TAC was the inspiration for starting his page. A few weeks ago however, he decided to remove anyone promoting TAC from his pages and groups. We found out from a third party. The reason? Well there really wasn't one. Jean then started going after certain individuals for no reason other than, he didn't like them. We decided to completely wash our hands of all of it. He ran a facebook page, nothing more, and never did anything of substance for our organization and community. He was never an official partner, nor an affiliate of TAC. After we washed our hands of the incident, we have never publicly stated anything negative, derogatory or made an attempt to damage him, or his name. After this we will never speak of them again, as speaking of them will only lend to their ability to cause more disruptions. Jean, if your page is suffering in ratings, and analytics or your personal pages are being blocked by facebook itself, perhaps it is more due to the recent events, perpetrated on your end than anything we could have said or done. We do not wish you, your page or your followers any ill will, nor will we strive to achieve such ends. We hope that you will pursue similar ventures. Either way, whatever you do is your choice and the repercussions are your responsibility. And that's all we're gunna say on the matter. Best of luck,

Unfortunately, Jean did not like this message, the truth mind you, getting out. We did not feel this was rude, or intending of harm in anyway, in fact it intended the opposite. However, Jean just could not let this be! So he purposefully sends his followers to attack not only TAC, but my personal profile as well; leading it to be blocked for an unknown period of time.

The funny thing is, and something that Jean just can't wrap is head around, is TAC is more than a FB page! We will be contacting FB and speaking to them about our options against such harassment in the future, and to rectify what has been done. Aside from that, we will not be kept silent. In fact, we implore you to share this message. I saw earlier this morning as a fitting message, "there are three things you can never hide forever, the sun, the moon and the truth", fitting indeed.

Again, we do not wish Jean harm, or ill will, but we will also not sit idly back as he takes shots at us, spreads rumors, and tries to harm our organization. He goes so far as to sending people to our page now to give us one star reviews, all because he doesn't want to admit he was wrong in the way he handled a situation weeks ago; so because of this he tries to besmirch us. It won't work, and in fact only make our resolve stronger to continue proving the Heathen community with honest, safe, and forward thinking community.

We will not stand down, we never have, we never will. We are 100% transparent, and we hide nothing.


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