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A Call to the Women of TAC!

Hail WoTAC! As many of you may well know, TAC has in the works, a bona fide Clergy training program. It is the mission of this program to train the future spiritual leaders of our faith. Make no mistake, this program will not merely be an Asatru 101, but a comprehensive education that will give its alumni the tools needed to be their community’s spiritual leaders. That means being able to counsel on an individual and group basis, regarding topics ranging from private and personal, to community issues; though surely these are just a few of the topics encountered by a spiritual leader.

That said we have noticed something extremely critical, seriously missing from the development process, the unique knowledge, wisdom and insight, that only women of our community can provide. Those wishing to help us in reaching our goal of creating this revolutionary resource, please head over to the Requirements for ordination, under the Clergy Program page of our site. If you meet these requirements, please contact Seth Chagi directly at!

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