What is TAC?

Today I want to talk about what The Asatru Community is and after a questions being asked a few times, I want to explain exactly what TAC is.

The Asatru Community is a place where followers of Asatru can come together to share knowledge and ways of practice , ideas and gather. This is usually done on the Facebook page, and if you’re a charter member or TAC’s other groups (Military page etc) you can do so on those pages and regional pages. This is forming a community , just as our ancestors would form community friendships between villages . While we do it over the internet , or through community outreach , our ancestors would do so through trading missions, marriage and negotiations after battles. Today

TAC stands as the long ship to carry these intentions. TAC is more than a Facebook page, much much more , it has community outreach programs, places for people of special interest, more than sharing content from other pages. TAC has a web page where you can learn the essentials to practicing Asatru . We have a Clergy program in the works and are a Non-profit organization that is driven to bettering the Asatru community as a whole and to provide people with the ability to reach out to each other, to spread the ideas of how they practice to each other and in some instances the ability to meet up in person. If you haven’t I recommend looking at the TAC website, there you can find information on basic ways to practice such as blots and holidays that are common in the Asatru community , and while yours may be different , for many who are starting this is a way to start. You can find other information within TAC as well, how to make mead, or your own products, information and different views on Gods or other creatures within the lore, you can find the Kindreds who are affiliated with TAC, you can also find business affiliated with TAC and people who are open to being contacted.

You can talk to your local ambassador in order to find events or people near you so you can create a community. TAC is more than just a Facebook page or a group looking only to make money and spread their ideology that are dishonorable. This can be seen in all they do, sometimes small things such as sending out welcome letters or picking up the cost of all/some of a event of a member that is open to TAC members.

This is important to keep in mind and needs to be shown for people who while on this Facebook page, may not know about what all TAC has to offer and is exactly. While TAC has many Facebook pages used mainly for the ease of spreading information , it is an organization that is legally recognized and growing , so much so that we have members on every continent (short of an article) and of every path of Asatru and are offering all we can do for our members .

So what does TAC offer to the public?

  • Certified Gothis you can reach out to in order to perform weddings or other such needs if wanted (state law dependent)

  • Blog posts that cover topics from raising a Heathen family to various Gods

  • A podcast that you can listen to that covers various topics such as interviews with older Asatru followers

  • An outline of basic blots and holiday specific blots

  • A basic outline of our spiritual views with break downs in areas such as the afterlife.

  • Asatru businesses list

  • Information on the Runes

  • What does TAC offer to it’s members?

  • Everything listed above,

  • The Charter member Map

  • Military Outreach (includes some perks open to all and some ony for Charter membership)

  • PenPal programs

  • Ability to request funds for a TAC event

  • A sweet Welcome letter

  • Access to your regions Facebook charter club page

After 90 days of being a charter member you can apply to become an ambassador , and be able to help positively influence the community even more!

This creates a living organization that is growing, changing , and working to better itself and the community. Are there some people who don’t like the growth ? Yes , usually because they fear that TAC will become more well known and searched after then them. Are some people going to disagree with admins or ambassadors? Of course they are, were humans after all, but TAC is a large community organization that will not stop just because a Facebook page or a few do not like our ideas.

As with anything we are always open to suggestions!

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