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What does being a Gothi/Gythia mean?

Being a Gothi/Gythia, a priest/priestess, or clergy member is a very special thing. It means a lot, speaks a lot for you, and assigns you a lot of responsibility.

These designated men and women respond to a higher calling, to the gods, to their community. Not everyone can do it, not everyone should. A Gothi must be accepted by the community they serve, or in reality they are nothing.

With our Clergy Training, and Ordination programs, we have a strict set of guidelines as to who qualifies, and once they do, for the ordination program there is a lot one must get through to compete it. Not everyone can, not everyone should.

As to the training program, we are taking a great deal of time to ensure that we have fully fledged courses that will teach the prospective community religious leader a great deal of what they need to know, as well as the tools to continue growing on their path. This is not a game, or some joke. This is not a PowerPoint that we will email you once you pay a fee, this is a fully fledged online school via Pathwright. The requirements to get in, and pass, are extremely rigid. Any fees are to cover costs if the program, we are not here to make money.

We are here to restore the name of Gothi, to return the priest class to a well educated, respected, and recognized class of men and women. There are far too many gimmicks, Facebook pages claiming to make you a Gothi, people claiming to be a Gothi, and so much more.

We, The Asatru Community, a trusted name in Heathendom, are here to try and clean up some of this confusion, by bringing honor, respect, and education back to our community, to our leaders, to our Gothis and priests. Learn more:

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