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Check out Bragi's Silent Song by Norhalla!

Be sure to check out Norhalla here!

Today we'd like to share a couple reviews of our partner Norhalla's book Bragi's Silent Song, the latest book in their Norse Of Course series!

"I have been wanting to get the books in the Norse of Course series for my grand daughter Lilly since I checked out the Norhalla website back in October. Lilly turned 2 in December.

We got the book and sat down right away to read it. I love the illustrations. Lilly wanted to help illustrate more of course! This book is amazing! I love the way the book is written in a prose fashion, it creates a rhythm and flow when reading that keeps very young ones like Lilly interested in the story. We had to split the book into two visits since she can't sit still very long. LOL!

I think the Norse of Course series is going to have to become a library for Lilly in my home! She learned new words while reading the book, she was completely captured by the illustrations and loved the story. It is definitely a book that she can grow with. All the activities in the back of the book will help me teach her the runes, how to read and write them. She is now telling me "Norse of Course" when she wants the book read to her again. We have been through the book twice now and Lilly discovers more in the illustrations each time, is learning new words every time we read it, and best of all she is learning at a very young age about the Norse Gods, Goddesses, stories and beliefs. I just cannot say enough about the book! I can't wait to get more of the books in the series and keep reading them to Lilly. These books will be part of her life for many years! I am so impressed, and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to review such an amazing book! All I have to say now is that Bragi's Silent Song has been Grandma tested and Lilly approved!"

- Sage Nelson, Ambassador Program Director of The Asatru Community

Check out long time member Chelsea Lucas, aka Momma Wolf's review of our partner Norhalla's "Bragi's Silent Song."

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