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A Statement Regarding the Asatru Folk Assembly

We have never tried to hide our feelings about AFA. We disagree with them and oppose their previously expressed views on race, sexuality, and gender roles. We have been and will continue to be supporters of Declaration 127. As long as there is discrimination and inequality within heathenry we will speak out against it. However, we believe it is time that we shifted our focus towards our own goals.

We have tried to keep up with events as they unfold within the AFA to make the community aware of things that are some times overlooked. Part of what makes Heathenry so great is the freedom of personal choice. We have struggled against it in the past but we have come to realize that this also means freedom of the choice to be wrong. We acknowledge that we have let ourselves get distracted by the actions of an organization that we have not and will not be able to see eye-to eye with.

Let us be very clear that there is absolutely no room for racism or bigotry within the Heathen community. We cannot afford to foster such negative traits when we already face a massive stigma of white supremacy in the public eye. Last week we posted an article that talked about how we Heathens must be able to do the things that need to be done to improve the community, even if it is uncomfortable. Now we are going to put our money where our mouth is.

From this point forward we will no longer waste our time and efforts focusing on what AFA is doing in their neck of the woods. If they interact with us, we will react. We will also keep an eye out for important updates we feel necessary to relay to the Heathen community. We are going to do our best to lead the charge. We are going to be the change we want to see in the world.

Of course we could never have gotten this far without our amazing members and tremendous support from the greater Heathen community. But now is the time for actions to speak louder than words. If you would like to do your part to improve the community then please volunteer. We can't do it without you. Every single person who steps up to the plate and tries makes a difference. Allow us to help you help the community.

Hail the gods and hail The Asatru Community!

"The AFA is free to stand for whatever principles it sees fit. They are free to stand alone." - Declaration 127

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