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Hail and Welcome to our new Partners!

Things have been busy here at TAC! We'd like to formally announce and welcome our new Partners!

Ivy Mulligan's Books and Publications

Want to learn more about becoming proficient in the arts of the Seiðr or Völva? I am here to help! My name is Ivy Mulligan, and I have had over 30 years’ experience of doing both group and solitary Spae-work, Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Mummers Dancing, as well as having the blessings of working intimately with Kindred who are pioneers, not just in Heathenry, but in the modern Pagan and Goddess revival movement of the late 1980’s.

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, the remote high peaks region of northern New York. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, herbalist, Crystal therapist and certified Life Coach. I work with NOLS and teach outdoor survival, as well as advanced first aid. I have participated as a leader, healer and Priestess in the pagan community since 1995.

Walking the path of a Northern Shaman, I became initiated as a seið-practitioner, then becoming a ordained Gothia and a member of both the Troth, and the TAC. Her lifestyle of living close to the natural world as well as her dedication to the Earth Spiritualism lead Ivy to become an active Heathen steward in the protection and furtherance of our planet and its future. Ivy is a landscaper, master gardener and plant whisperer. Currently she, her husband, and their dog Basil, live in western Oregon.

Macabre Callings

Created by amateur horror writer Matt Weber as a method to cope with anxiety, Macabre Callings is dedicated to creating stories to help you sleep soundly at night and tickle that macabre calling we all feel deep inside. No subject too dark or too taboo, as he believes we must be brave and learneven what you consider bad, for the past and facts are absolute and neither good nor evil. He also would like to take the time to thank his very tolerant wife and exceptionally underpaid editors for their tremendous patience. About the Author: Matt is a 30 year old manchild who is able to discover and pursue his dreams due to the encouragement of his wife, partners, his parents, and his fellow heathens he has gone to for spiritual support; you know who you are.

Link Leather Scale & Feather

Link Leather Scale & Feather is the brain and very much "heart" child of Michelle Streetman. Michelle has been working with the Norse gods for over a decade and in the last several years has started on her journey in spae working and shamanism. Michelle has degrees in Zoology and an education in anthropology. She has worked in archeology, exotic animal training, and field research. Dispite her studies focusing on ornithology and herpetology, she has found a particular interest in the properties of the corneum, the layer of skin that becomes leather. She set about to discover all of it's secrets and in 2012 she started making leather goods for the public. She is know for her skilled, self-taught pictorial carving method. Her art features Celtic, Norse and fantasy elements. Her other hobbies include mead making, raising exotic animals, and gardening. LLSF Leather Goods strives to provide top quality, hand stitched leather goods

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