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Introducing our Newest Partner!

We are excited to announce our newest partner! Silver Paw Workshop!

Check them out here:

Cody Craig grew up in the Egg Basket of the Midwest, Mentone, IN. Aside from the biggest egg statue you’ve ever seen, Mentone is also home to many skilled artists and craftworkers. His father and grandfathers were lifelong craftsman, and raised Cody to understand metalworking and its extensive history. Blacksmithing is in his blood, and he has learned the craft from expert metalworkers all his life. In his 10 years of professional experience, Cody has expanded into woodworking and stained glass with the same passion.

Cody founded Silverpaw Workshop when he moved to Bloomington, Indiana shortly after graduating from Ball State University. He’s paved out a life for himself here, and lives with his wife-to-be and two rescue cats."

If youre interested in checking out the rest of our partners, visit here!:

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