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Announcing TAC Extra Life!

We are proud to announce that this year The Asatru Community will be forming a team to participate in the Extra Life community event!

What is Extra Life? Every year Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for local CMN Hospitals.

Our team will be lead by our Director of Public Relations, Steve Sears, and will consist other TAC voluneers as well as of all of you who wish to participate. To get the ball rolling TAC has donated $100 of our current $500 goal.

If you'd like to skip the details and make a donation to help the children you can follow the link below. (The way their website works donations to a team need to go through one of the team's participants)

Would you like to join the team? Email Steve with a short explanation of why you think you would be a valuable contribution to the team as well as a description of your play style (Platform, favorite genre(s), gamertag(s), time zone, etc.) Please note that we will only consider Charter Members for official team registration. If you are not a Charter Member you can apply for free today at It's quick and easy! You can email Steve at: using the subject line "Extra Life 2017"

If you're not a charter member or you aren't selected to become an official team member don't worry! We will be setting up a hub with our gamertags, social media accounts, and all of that so that you can follow along during the marathon and join us when you're able to! Throughout the 24 hours EVERYONE will have an opportunity to play with Board Members, Admins, Ambassadors, and of course their fellow TAC members.

This will be a great opportunity for Heathens to get out there (figuratively) and make a difference! Get to know your fellow community members while helping raise money to help sick and injured children! Game day is Saturday, November 4th and we hope to see everyone there!

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