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TAC Extra Life Update

In case you missed it we will be participating in Extra Life, a charity event to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Each team member will raise money for their local hospital while helping the team reach it's overall goal. We have until November 4th where we will then all be participating in a 24 hour gaming marathon. We'll be playing across all main gaming platforms and will try to include as many community members as possible.

If you'd like to donate to help our team reach it's fundraising goal click on any of our team member's profiles below.

Now let's meet the team that will be representing TAC this year during Extra Life!

Steve Sears (Team Captain)

[Steve's Extra Life Profile]

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be organizing TAC's first Extra Life team. We've got some really good players and I hope we can all reach our goals for our local hospitals!

Hospital: Riley Children's Hospital (Indianapolis, IN) Platforms: PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, tabletop Gamertag: PS4: PanzerSloth, Steam: Panzersloth, Panzersloth#1557

Fundraising Goal: $500

Alex Upton

[Alex's Extra Life Profile]

Hello all! My name is Alex. I've been gaming for years, mostly action and fantasy RPGs.

Hospital: Children's of Alabama (Birmingham, AL) Platform: PS4

Gamertag: Merchantlion793

Fundraising Goal: $1,000​

Mason Blackwood

[Mason's Extra Life Profile]

I am a writer, beta tester and gamer. Gaming has been my passion since I had to sit on two telephone directory books to see the screen. Thankfully my fiancée understands and supports my obsession. Hospital: Maria Fareri Children's Hospital (Valhalla, NY) Platform: Xbox One

Gamertag: m1ndHunt3r22

Fundraising Goal: $200

Mark Esposito-Esken

[Mark's Extra Life Profile]

Mark has achieved success in his field as an IT Specialist over the last twenty years having received numerous awards and recognition for his work on nationwide projects. Mark's strong belief in helping forge a better world is demonstrated by his extensive volunteer work especially in providing services to the poor, social outreach and civil service. In his leisure time Mark is a gourmet cook and avid gamer since 1978 , a true grognard - he enjoys 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons and Avalon Hill board games.

Hospital: To Be Announced

Platform: Tabletop

Stephen Howe

[Stephen's Extra Life Profile]

Hi I'm Stephen also known as Amateur-God, I'm a TAC ambassador in the UK and I game on PS4 and PC under the gamertags above, I also stream to my youtube and twitch channels. Youtube: Steal City Gamers, Twitch.TV: SteelCityGamers2017, If I'm on PS4 I will be streaming to my Youtube channel if I'm on PC I will be streaming to both.

Hospital: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals (Oakland, CA)

Platforms: PS4, PC

Gamertags: PSN: Talibanhunter95, Steam: Amateur-God, Origin: Amateur-Gods, battlenet/blizzard: AmateurGod#2253

Fundraising Goal: $500

Vickii Scott

[Vickii's Extra Life Profile]

Hello there! My name is Vickii, I'm from the UK and I've been an avid gamer since I was first able to hold a controller. I currently work as an IT Technician and in my spare time when I'm not playing games I'm working on my first book or playing D&D with friends! I mainly game on Xbox or PC but for the Extra Life Event, I will be streaming on my twitch account: Vscotty1 where I will playing a huge bunch of games to raise money.

Hospital: BC Children's Hospital Foundation (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Platforms: Xbox One

Gamertag: Vscotty1

Fundraising Goal: $250

Remy Nowka

[Remy's Extra Life Profile]

Hey all! I'm Remy. I live in a valley in Southern Oregon, and gaming is a very large part of my life. My favorite kinds of games are dystopian sci-fi or fantasy, and beyond that, I'll play anything from card games to MMO's. I'm grateful to be a part of the team, and and am going to stream to Twitch (bragasystir) on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Hospital: Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center (Medford, OR)

Platform: PC

Gamertag: Steam: bragasystir (NightPhlox)

Fundraising Goal: $150

Megyn Sullivan

[Megyn's Extra Life Profile]

PC and Tabletop gamer of 20+ years, from D&D, to Warcraft, to TF2 and Counterstrike: Source. Once a member of ATF's TF2 Division and holder of many realm first raid kills during her time in Hyperion on Wow's Nordrasil server, gaming has been a large influence in Megyn's life so much that she learned to memorize and read the opening to Mario before age 3! now she wants to use her love of gaming towards the goal of helping her community and the children's hospitals through Extra Life for her 4th year in a row! Hospital: Riley Children's Hospital (Indianapolis, IN) Platform: PC, Tabletop, and PS4 Gamertags: PS4: AlittleMoth, Steam: AtF_Misstwib, League of Legends: Twib

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