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Introducing Skapandi Hugarró!

Introducing our newest partner, Skapandi Hugarró!

Skapandi Hugarró is creative peace of mind. At Skapandi we hold contracts with different organizations and individuals for their furs, hides, bones and horns from animal deaths. We believe that honour is to be bestowed upon the life the animal lived. The entirety of the animal is to be used for purpose. Any Contract we have here at Skapandi Hugarró promises that the hunt is used for spiritual or substance intent. Some of the organizations, the animal has died of natural causes and the company would prefer to honor it spiritually. Who better to wear, use or honour those parts than the Pagan- Heathen community. Skapandi Hugarró is also a retailer of garb, festive costume, kilts and Jewelry. To be creative, we have a wide range of possibilities. We have a publisher for self-publishers, commercial presses for banners, flags, T shirts, custom mirrors, hoodies, hats, dog tags and we delve into embroidery. Coming soon, Engraved wooden items as well as horns. If you can think it up- Skapandi Hugarró can get it done! Also every purchase made from Skapandi a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community as a donation or item that get auctioned off goes to Charity or a Pagan community.

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