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TAC's Volunteer of the Quarter!


Announcing the Volunteer of the Quarter: Vincent A. Panell II. Vincent continues to do hard work, that while not always seen, is critical to TAC. Vincent is the Director of Religious Affairs for TAC , with this title comes many challenges and a need for dedication- Vincent has demonstrated this through his continues work on the TAC Havamal, the Clergy Training Program and through general discussion with members of the community.

A little about Vincent : I am a New Hampshire transplant from Texas. I am somewhat new to Asatru but have always felt a connection to the Norse Gods. I am constantly studing to learn new things that pertain to Asatru and the Gods. I spent several years as a Marine and had to hide my religion since they didnt recognize it at the time I served. Thankfully that has changed in this day and age. I look forward to the journey ahead and bring others together in their journey in Asatru. May the Gods bless us all!

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