September 2017 Art Contest

Hail and welcome to September 2017!

To kick off the new month, and what will soon be a new season; we will be hosting our next art contest! We are very excited about this one!

Welcome to the TAC September 2017 Art Contest!

So here is what you need to know:


For those in the Northern Hemisphere the theme is the coming Fall, and the changing of seasons from summer to fall.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the theme is the coming spring, and the changing of seasons from winter to fall.


For this contest, we are only looking for paintings, drawings, and other pieces on paper, canvass etc.

No sculptures, carvings etc.


The contest runs for all of September and the winner will be announced October first.

Please send all submissions to with your name, address and any information about the piece you would like to include, as well as whether or not you wold like to have your piece included in the gallery afterwards.

The pieces will be judged, and the winner chosen by the Board of Directors.


All contestants will receive a few TAC bumper stickers for entering.

The winner gets two TAC T-Shirts or Sweatshirt of their choice , as well as to be announced prizes from our various partners! Including, but not limited to merchandise and gift cards to their shops!

The winners piece will also be featured on the website, and in Mimir’s Well!

The second place winner will receive a TAC t-shirt of their choice, as well as a place in the magazine for next months issue to show off your work!

Best of luck to everyone, and most importantly enjoy yourselves!


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