Updates on the TAC Clergy Program!

We have some big news, and some updates concerning our Clergy Training Program! (Again, separate from our Ordination Program).

To recap in short:

TAC's Clergy Program will be a tough and thorough course, intended to bring validity to the title of Gothi, that we feel it has lost. By no means do we mean to say that in every case where an individual takes up the role of their community's spiritual leader and calls themself Gothi, is of unsound mind, ill intent or unqualified. Many great and amazing people have made it their mission to guide their peers spiritually, all the while being students themselves, through hard work and dedication. It is our intent to make this path easier for those wish to be that guide and helping hand; as well as those that already are, by providing a solid educational base for serving as a Gothi.

SO whats the news?

The program is officially completed! We have some bugs to work out, and some testing to do, but expect to be able to take this extensive course very soon!

So how will it work? Well; we will take up to 10 students first (or more if there is enough interest for up storage upgrade our plan on pathwright) who after being accepted after the rigorous application process; will then be able to pay the fees to the community; and take the course which takes around 6 months to complete if done diligently, and properly.

The Fines for the program are currently $300 U.S dollars up front, or $20 per course, due at the time of the course. These funds are used to pay for the online school, (via, compensation for instructors, and further development of the CTP; any items and resources that may be sent to you, as well as supporting the general efforts of TAC, and our community overall. TAC has been completely free, and we still do not, nor will charge for membership as every other organization does. However, this program is special, a great amount of work went into it, a great amount of work will constantly be needed for it, and there is a great deal that we wish to see happen with it, so for this we have deemed it fair to require these fines in order to support not only this program; but to help support the entire community at large, as we are completely donation based.

We hope that you will enjoy our program; and learn as much as you can from it. This will be a huge journey for us all; and we are just so excited to start it with you. Look for coming updates, and of course the big announcement that will be coming soon about the application process opening up!


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