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Hail our new Social Media Manager!

We're proud to announce that admin Jaclyn Bush (Jackie Wolffe) has accepted the position of Social Media Manager!

Hail! My name is Jaclyn, and I was born in the summer of '93 in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, but now currently reside in the panhandle of Texas. I am still new in the ways of Asatru, but have been a long time pagan and practitioner of magic. It was actually thanks to my magic that I had found the Allfather and was promptly led to the ways of Heathenism.

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with my ancestral history, where I come from, ancient times, as well as other folk traditions including things such as music and dance. Having grown up with the forest near and dear to my heart, I am also an aspiring herbalist, among many other things.

My current goal is to expand my knowledge in the ways of Seidr and bring together the pagan community. I look forward to learning more with all fellow members.

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