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Clergy Training Program Announcement

Over the course of the last year we have steadily been working on our Clergy Training Program. Through the program we hoped to equip Heathens with the tools they need to function as a Goði or Gyðja. To put it simply it was a monumental task. It took countless hours of hard work from many individuals to put the program together through Pathwright. The community has been very helpful and responsive while we worked on everything. We tried to offer updates when we can and have taken the interest and feedback in to account.

We are proud to announce that our Clergy Training Program will be launching on Saturday, October 28th!

The program will allow each individual to work at their own pace within a 6 month time frame.

Courses will include:

  1. Blots

  2. Sumbels

  3. General Rituals and Ritual Structure

  4. Runes

  5. Weddings and Funerals

  6. In-depth Mythology

  7. Spiritual Counseling

  8. In-depth knowledge of the Gods and goddesses

  9. Beings

  10. Community Service etc

  11. Core Values of Asatru and heathenry

  12. Magics etc

  13. Herblore

  14. Healing

  15. Dreams, Visions etc.

  16. Seidr

  17. Symbolism

  18. History

  19. Landscape of Modern heathenry

  20. Racism and other modern issues

  21. Conflict resolution

  22. Kindred formation and event hosting etc.

  23. Death & The Afterlife

  24. Oaths and other promises

  25. Coming of age, and other age related ceremonies

  26. Ritual Tools

  27. Asatru Terminology - Glossary & Symbols Guide

  28. Asatru Calendar & Holidays

The program offers two payment plans.

  • A one time payment of $300 due before beginning.

  • Independent payments of $20 per course.


  • The individual must consider that they have been a Heathen for at least five years. This is not a program for new comers to Asatru, but leaders, and priests of our community.

  • They must pass, and present a background check. This is not difficult, and may cost around $10.

  • They must have at least a high school diploma, and a basic academic understanding.

  • They must be known by the community. It cannot just be some Joe Shmoe, that no one has heard of, and is off in Antarctica, etc. This one will be situational of course, and to the discretion of the Director.

  • They must be able to travel, and be independent. Again, these are leaders of the community, they will have real world tasks and duties. It cannot be, however unfortunate it is, someone who has no home, no vehicle, or means of transportation, etc. They must be a functioning adult in modern society.

  • They must pay their registration fees before starting

  • They must be a Charter Member for 90 days.

We are very proud of the Program and feel it will be a valuable contribution to the community. Applications will be available via our website when the program officially launches.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries you can contact our Director of Religious Affairs, Ivy Mulligan, at

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