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Extra Life 2017

This year we decided to participate in Extra Life, an annual charity event that raises money for sick and injured children being treated at Children's Miracle Network hospitals. This is the first time we have tried participating in an event like this and the support we received was nothing short of astounding! Over the last couple of months we have called on Heathens across the globe to come together and help us raise money for the kids. Our Extra Life page and Facebook fundraiser were shared all over and many generous donations came in allowing us to go above and beyond our original fundraising goal.

We are proud to announce that over the course of the event our team has managed to raise a total of $868!

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated to make this year's event possible. Every single share and donation helped us on our way to our goal and beyond. Our team members are recuperating from their 24 hour marathon but we are already looking forward to trying to beat our total next year!

Special Thanks to: Stuart Carlson Matthias Drake

Tom James Hellard Jared Justin Hess Kye Larsen-Smith Brian Moore Zona Gilley Sveinsson Ivy Mulligan Stephen Gunn Tyler Nelson Martine Theodora Frank Day Megyn Sullivan Bjoe Swede Justin Meyer Rowan Fields Aaron Sporseen Jake Miller Kate Cavalcante Lise Christofferson Sarah Mitchell Kim Norton Stella Vlad Christine Brush

And, of course, thank you to our hard working team members! Steve Sears Stephanie Holt Mason Blackwood Mark Esposito Esken Stephen Howe Megyn Sullivan Remy Nowka Alex Upton Jordon Shepherd

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