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Introducing the TAC Emergency Relief Fund

The purpose of the TAC Emergency Relief Fund is to provide financial assistance to those members, and their families when the direst of needs arise. It is our goal, and our duty as a community to take care of those whom we share frith, love, and friendship with. For what else is a community for aside to take care of each other? Now, this special fund is to only be used when there are no other options. As this is entirely funded by you, the community itself, we want to make sure the funds go only to where they are needed. To ensure that, we have created the following list of requirements that one must meet in order to qualify to receive funding. Before we get to that, we wanted to go through the process that will occur. TAC will accumulate donations to place into a special fund for this purpose only, when the fund is empty, its empty. Anything that is available would have been designated specifically for this purpose by the community. So, if we have the funds available, an application will be open for members to fill out, and if they meet the requirements, their application will be forwarded to the Board, who will approve or deny the request. Then, the treasurer and the tribunal shall agree on an amount that will be dispensed, and we will then send the funds to the individual, or family in need with no expectation of reimbursement on our end. So what needs to happen for you to qualify for this fund? Well, to be honest, the requirements are pretty strict, as funds will be very tight. The following are the requirements that the community itself deemed to be fair:

By community decision, each case will be considered on its own merit, and on a case by case basis, prioritizing things like homelessness, emergency medical expenses, and funeral costs among other similar crisis. Anyone requesting funds, must have been a member for at least 90 days. Otherwise, it shall be per case that we decide whether or not we can help, and then how much. It is the goal of this fund, to help those who need it the most, and that is what we shall do. This fund shall be entirely based on the donations that we receive from the community, so if this is something you feel is a good community recourse, think of donating today! All funds donated through this fundraiser will be designated specifically for this purpose and nothing else.

To donate to the fund click here.

Hail and thank you!

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