TAC Havamal Distribution Program

We at The Asatru Community are very proud and excited for the upcoming publication of our own compilation of the Havamal. The goal of this publication, is to provide TAC an in house option when it comes to the HDP. Now, what is the HDP you might ask? Well, the Havamal Distribution Program is a resource for individuals who currently are, or previously werein the military, be it in the United States or one of her allies, who are Heathen. The goal of this program, is to send, for free, a copy of this Havamal for use by these soldiers, to provide them with a sense of home, community, and a link to the divine. It is our belief that the Havamal can often provide comfort in times of stress and need, and we wish to provide those Havamals to any who request it whom qualify (being in the military, or a veteran). This is not a new program that we have, but it has been on hiatus for a while, now we are proud to announce its triumphant return featuring our own copy of the Havamal! Once our complication hits the press and is ready to be distributed we will start to send out dozens, if not hundreds of Havamalsto service men and women.

Now here is where you can help.

This program is not going to be cheap, in fact last year most of our spending (as can be seen in our financial reports) went to the HDP, we hope to see equal, if not more participation from ourselves and our community members to fund this program. This program will be based entirely off the funds made from the book, which will be available for purchase from the public, and by donations from you, the community.

We wish to send out as many copies of the TAC Havamal as possible, and get them in the hands of these brave individuals as soon as possible. In order to do that however, we need your help, and the help of the community at large. Starting today, we are excited to announce the TAC Havamal Distribution Program Fundraiser! All funds generated form this fundraiser will go to sending copies of the Havamal to individuals whom are currently in the military, or are veterans. This program cannot exist without the support of the community, so now is your chance to show your support and love for the brave men and women protecting our freedoms around the world!

Along with announcing the fundraiser to get this program, off the ground we also are announcing the opening of the program itself! While it may be a at least a month before copies are ready to be sent out, we would like to start taking requests from qualified* individuals! Any veteran, or active duty soldier can pre-order a Havamal, for free, using this link:

Once copies are available we will begin distributing Havamals starting with the first preorders.

For those looking to purchase a Havamal, once they are available you shall be able to purchase them from a wide range of retailers as well as directly from us.

To donate to the fundraiser, please follow this link:

*Note, the book is still in production, and Havamals will be sent out as soon as possible*

*Free copies are only available for individuals currently servingthe armed forces of the United States, or other nations not in conflict with the United States or veterans from also said countries.

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