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Heathen Artisans of TAC

Introducing our newest Facebook group for charter members, Heathen Artisans of TAC! Our community is filled with wonderful and talented individuals and after realizing the interest we have decided to start a group for Charter Members to share their art, writing, poetry, music, etc.

Join now!

This group will be added to our line up of Charter Member exclusive groups available only to members who have registered with TAC. If you haven't registered or have been waiting to then now is a great time! It's quick, easy, and (most importantly) 100% FREE!

Charter Members get access to all sorts of benefits such as our international Charter Club group, regional groups to help them connect with members in their area, and other great groups such as our women's, parenting, gaming, rune and magic study, and military group.

Of course there is still our non-member public open group and our group for members of the LGBT+ community, Heirs of the Bifrost.

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