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Introducing our newest partners!

We are happy to announce our three newest partners!

Viking Style

Viking Style is a UK based company which aims to provide modern Viking lovers with quality Norse merchandise and products. We have a wide range of items on offer including; Traditional Norse jewelry, Clothing, Drinking mugs & horns, and Handmade Viking Axes! Check out our store at:

Hermitage Leathers

I have been working with leather and wood for a number of years making gifts for people, but have finally given thought to starting a side business to bring my works of art to life! I specialize in bags...laptop, messenger, US Mail style and can create for you whatever you need in a bag. Talk to me about your needs so when you open that delivery box all of your dreams will be met. Keep checking back as I hammer out projects...coming soon leather Runes and Bind Runes!

Midgard Musings

Hail to all! My name is Jesse and I am a born and raised New Yorker, currently living in middle Tennessee with my wife and three dogs. I host a weekly discussion of heathen related topics on my YouTube Channel, Midgard Musings. My journey in Norse heathenry began about three years ago and I decided recently to engage my fellow heathens around the world by starting a YouTube channel wherein I discuss various topics surrounding our faith. Currently, I am covering the Hávamál in a 9 stanza per week format, offering my thoughts on each stanza as I go. My goal is to further my knowledge in heathenry and hopefully help others along in their journey. Midgard Musings is a very interactive platform and I eagerly encourage others to voice their thoughts and opinions on the topics I discuss. I hope you will all take the time to view my channel, subscribe, and share them with your own heathen friends. Thanks for your support! Hail!

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