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Hail to our Newest Partners!

We are excited and proud to announce the two newest partners to the TAC Community!

First up we have The Jaded Rose

"The Jaded Rose; Custom clothing made for you, with love.Shari was taught to sew at a young age by her grandmother and has been practicing her craft for over 25 years.Originally starting with unique Halloween costumes and dance wear, Shari branched out into clothing in 2011.The Jaded Rose was born in 2016, named for her two daughters and as a means to supplement the family income and be able to stay home with themThe Jaded Rose focuses on unique custom pieces including Grow With Me clothing, soft soled shoes, baby wearing accessories, whimsical outerwear, costumes, dance/athletic wear and more."

Next up, we have Tawny Wolf Apothecary

"Inspired by the power of nature itself, Tawny Wolff Apothecary strives to supply all natural handmade products that provide aromatherapy, skin care, hair care, and other benefits. Tawny Wolff Apothecary was started in 2017 and has rapidly grown ever since. Our Beard Balm, Lotion Bars, and other products have been highly appraised and are preferred versus store bought products by Heathens and others alike. Some of the botanicals we use are home-grown with non-chemical pesticides, and their growth is promoted by giving back to the earth through composting. New items, scents, formulas, and more are always under development, so it's worth checking back often!​"

Learn more about them, and all our partners under the partners tab today!


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